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As a Founder you can bring together a team of talented Finders to bring your next idea to life. Post projects and we’ll match you to Finders with the skills and experience that your project needs.

Finders, you’ll discover interesting ideas posted by Founders and get matched to the projects that are right for you.


Do you have a concept, startup or growing business? Assemble a team of talented Findrs to bring your next idea to life, and pay them with cash, equity, or a combination of both.


Use your specific skills to help a growing business reach the next level or make their next big idea a reality. Submit proposals on Foundr projects, and get paid in cash, equity, or a combination of both.

Need a Developer?

Developers & Designers

Are you searching for a startup or talented developer / designer to help design your technology to get it into the market?


Need a Co-Founder?


Have you got your concept, idea or innovation but need an extra hand and different skills to make it a reality. A co-founder could be your solution.


Got an innovative Idea?

Get your idea to market

Got an idea and need the right resources to get it market ready?


Need Marketing?

Marketers & Graphic Designers

So you have your idea, product or organisation, but who knows about it? Find a talented marketer to join your team.


Expanding Internationally?


Has your business got the potential for international growth, but you need the right person to execute it?


Need Financial Advice?

Accountants & Advisors

Whether ongoing or project-based, financial strategy and up keep crucially important. Find a start-up accountant.


Seeking Strategy?

Advisors & Board Members

Whether you’re starting out, extending or pivoting, strategy is crucial – find an experienced advisor.


Looking to join a Startup?


Are you an entrepreneurial corporate individual looking to fulfil talents outside of the traditional ‘9 to 5’?


Are you looking for a new opportunity in 2019?

Find opportunities

Do you have specific set of skills that could benefit a startup organisation? Access new opportunities with in 2018.



Pre-Launch Opportunities

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